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Tips for Grant Seekers

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Development Consulting for Non-Profits

Are you ready to start seeking grants?  Here are some tips to review before you begin.  Once you're ready, McQueen & Associates can help you cut through all the painful paperwork, and get you on your way to obtaining the grant funding you need to support your work.

      1. Do you have a Strong Organization?  Do you have your 501(c)(3) designation?  Have you been in business for at least 3 years?  Do you have an engaged Board of Directors?
      2. Do you have a Strong Financial System?  Do you have an automated accounting system, and a Chart of Accounts set up for a Non-Profit company?  Do you have your 990 and audited financials?  You'll also need a Budget for your Organization, as well as Budgets for any special programs you provide.
      3. Do you have solid Evaluation Tools and Measurable Outcomes defined?  You can use Excel or Access, or even a pad of paper, but you'll need to keep track of your statistics, the demographics of your clients, as well as having well-defined goals.
      4. Are you ready to put together a clear and concise Request?  Do you have a well-defined Program or Objective?  Do you have some target Funders in mind, but do you know their limitations and their priorities?  (P.S. We can help you with this one!) 
      5. Last, but not Least ........ do you have lots of Friends or Contacts at Foundations?  This is the best tip we can give you.  The more funders who know of you and your good work, the more successful you will be in obtaining grant funding.


These are our Top 5 Tips.  If you'd like more information,
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